1. When receiving the "Liaison Letter for erection and commissioning of Contract Equipment" from the user, our company will appoints skilled mechanic and electrical engineers and technicians to assist the user in erection and commissioning on site. The user must assign special persons to work together in order to do a good job in erection and commissioning. The erection and commissioning period of a set of common equipment is 15-25 days under the good condition that the user entirely has prepared for installation and commissioning.

2. The electromechanical engineers sent by our company will provide on-site guidance to the electromechanical operators designated by the users so that the operators can operate and maintain the equipments independently and skillfully after fully mastering the operation skills of the equipments.

3. Free training of 1-3 operators and administrators designated by user, training and guidance on operation, maintenance and repairing, the certifications will be issued after qualified training, qualified operators will be able to operate,maintain and repair the equipments independently and skillfully.

4. According to the actual needs of users, our company promises to provide free training and guidance on operation, maintenance and maintenance skills and knowledge for the operators and equipment managers designated by the users at the time and place designated by the users


5. Our company has prepared detailed training manuals and audio-visual facilities for training operators and administrators, and also provides technical information such as operation instructions, maintenance and repair technical regulations.

6. To issue training certificates for operators and administrators who have obtained qualified skills after training.