I. After-sales Service Commitment

1. Warranty time: The warranty period of the tendered products is 12 months after the delivery and acceptance of qualified equipments.

2.Warranty Content and Scope: During the quality assurance period, our company is responsible for providing free warranty service, for the parts damaged under the normal use of the users in accordance with the operating rules. And besides warranty period,we provide lifelong maintenance and ensuring this service in time to users.

3.Guarantee Time Response: Within the quality assurance period, our company will quickly feedback to the after-sales service department, maintenance center or local office of the customer within 2 hours after receiving the customer's notification, notify the dispatcher to rush to the user's production site within 36 hours, and repair or replace the defective equipment or components free of charge within 48 hours. (For buyer's outside China,it will plus transportation and visa application time, and afford transportation/accommodation fees outside China). After the expiration of the warranty period, our company promises to provide customers with high quality and efficient after-sales service.

II. Guarantee Measures taken for After-sales Service

1.Upon receipt of the customer failure notification, the customer service center or the local office of the user immediately assigns relatively skilled technicians to the site within the prescribed time limit to provide timely after-sales service for the user, including the analysis and judgment of the failure phenomena, troubleshooting, or replacement of damaged parts and components.

2.Establishing equipment service files according to the specific users and equipment, track the usage of users’ equipment, inspect and maintain at least once every six months after arrival, and seek the coordination of supply and demand between company and users.

3.Take the form of visiting users and holding user talks, solicit users' opinions and suggestions on products, timely understand and grasp the quality problems in the process of installation and use of equipment, solve problems in an effective way, and constantly improve and improve product quality and after-sales service level.