Asphalt Batch Mixing

Asphalt Batch Mixing Plants

HENGDA road construction machinery limited produce one of the best asphalt batch mixing plants in China. We are in the asphalt plant manufacturing industry since 1993. We have the expertise in making high-quality asphalt plant. We are among the few companies in China who are well versed and technology-oriented in producing machinery for road construction. Our factory premises are located in the new district of Wuxi, very close to 312 national way and Shuofang airport.

As an asphalt mixing plants producer, we believe in quality. We focus on providing high-quality, asphalt plants to different corporate brands. For quality maintenance, we have a state-of-the-art management system. The system has all the abilities from technical structure to production engineering.

We are proud to have a partnership with several different suppliers. Without their quality raw material, we would be unable to reach where we are today. We do not only serve the demand of local customers, but we also export our machinery outside China.

Quality Asphalt Mixing Plants in China

The praise we receive regarding design, technique, painting, and overall quality from our foreign customers; give us encouragement and satisfaction. Our primary machines include LB serials asphalt batch mix plant, asphalt emulsifying equipment, RLB serial asphalt recycling equipment, and bitumen storage tanks/silos.

HENGDA road construction machinery limited has a dedicated workforce comprising of 300, including 30 skilled technicians. Our factory premises has covered area of 50,000 square meters. We have various professional certifications, including lift belt conveyor and bitumen silos.

Primary use of our asphalt mixing plants is in road construction. During road carpeting, asphalt is the binder or glue mixed with aggregate particles to form asphalt concrete. Our asphalt mix plant has a new modular design, capable of constructing all types of high-grade road projects. Each of our batch asphalt plant is reliable and steady. We have patents, as asphalt batch mixing plants manufacturer, for the three major asphalt components i.e., dry drum, mix bin and vibrating screen. The overall design of our plant is compact concerning less ground occupation, natural erection, novel structure, and site shifting. So, if you are looking for a quality and reliable supplier of asphalt plant for your road construction project, you have landed on the right page.

Product name : LB-2500 ASPHALT MIX PLANT

Item : LB-2500

Details :

Adopts new modular design, to fulfill all kind of high grade road projects. The performance of the machine is steady and reliable. Function to be complete and reasonable through upgrade and optimization , high level of automation, main components adopt imported brands. Asphalt plant three major parts(vibrating screen, mix bin, dry drum) are patent products。 Productivity of the whole machine is improved, quality be strengthened and be more safety and convenience. The overall layout is compact with novelty structure, less ground occupying, easy for erection and site shifting. Whole equipment adopts modular design, convenient for shipping and installation for all composed parts. Equipment adopt electro precision measuring(bitumen tracking measuring, aggregates secondary measuring), assure the accuracy of measuring. Electronic elements adopt imported German brand, control system is Manual/Auto microcomputer control. The gearbox, bearing, burner, pneumatic elements, dedust bag adopt imported brand, to assure the stability of equipment running.