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HENGDA road construction machinery limited is a leading best asphalt plant mixer supplier in China. HENGDA has production premises spread over 50,000 sq. Meters situated in Wuxi New District Industrial Park. Our factory is located at ENGDA road, which is a hub of Chinese high-tech business region. We are a company with 300 staff, including 30 technicians. We have the certification of ISO14001:2004 environment management system and are authenticated by the GB/T19001 international quality system. We are proud manufacturers of large bitumen silo, environmental compact asphalt plant, gas burner, and asphalt plant mixer.

Our primary products include LB serials asphalt batch mix plant, WCB serial Stabilized Soil mixer, asphalt emulsifying equipment, RLB serial asphalt recycling equipment, and drummed bitumen decanting equipment. HENGDA always emphasize durability and practicality. We have innovated several machine models in the past 20 years. We keep ourselves open to adopting advanced technologies. The openness towards adoption helps us to offer customers high-performance road machines with advanced technologies inside out.

Asphalt plant Mixer Equipment in China

We have the asphalt plant mixer. Our asphalt mixer provides low noise, fully closed, and no pollution. Also, our asphalt mixer is fully capable of replacing any imported asphalt equipment. HENGDA has three patented asphalt plant products i.e., dry drum, mix bin, and vibrating screen. The mentioned products have the quality, strength, provide convenience, and safety. As a top-notch asphalt plant mixer supplier, we offer our pieces of equipment with a modular design. They are easy to install and convenient for all composed parts.

Our asphalt plant can be used to make five kinds of pavements, namely thin overlays, warm-mix asphalt, quiet pavement, perpetual pavement, porous asphalt. Thin overlays improve the quality of ride and minimize the distress on the pavement, lifecycle costs, and noise levels. Our asphalt plant mixer equipment uses recycled materials and warm-mix asphalt.

We produce warm-mix asphalt in the way similar to that of hot mix asphalt. The only exception is warm-mix operates at a lower degree of 50 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Paving roads with our asphalt significantly lessens the inside as well as outside noise generated by businesses and homes. Replacing the pavement with stone-matrix asphalt has proven to be reduced noise on highways.

Perpetual pavement made with our products is a combination of multi-layer paving design method and asphalt of our plant. We provide asphalt to build parking lots so that water can be drained out through pavement conveniently. Porous pavement is a cost-effective solution which can last for over two decades. HENGDA has manufacturing permission for lift belt conveyor and bitumen silos besides other qualification and certification. So, if you are in search of a company which manufactures the best asphalt plant mixer, HENGDA is the right choice for you.

Product name : LB-5000 ASPHALT MIX PLANT

Item : LB-5000

Details :

Super large productivity be up to 400tph, to satisfy all different grade of asphalt road in the world. With advanced technologies and outstand qualities. Fully closed, low noise, no pollution, dust emission is in standard, capable to replace imported equipments. Asphalt plant three major parts(vibrating screen, mix bin, dry drum) are patent products。 Productivity of the whole machine is improved, quality be strengthened and be more safety and convenience. The overall layout is compact with novelty structure, less ground occupying, easy for erection and site shifting. Whole equipment adopts modular design, convenient for shipping and installation for all composed parts. Equipment adopt electro precision measuring(bitumen tracking measuring, aggregates secondary measuring), assure the accuracy of measuring. Electronic elements adopt imported German brand, control system is Manual/Auto microcomputer control. The gearbox, bearing, burner, pneumatic elements, dedust bag adopt imported brand, to assure the stability of equipment running.