Bitumen Storage Silo

Bitumen Storage Silo

HENGDA road construction machinery limited is one of the leading bitumen storage silo manufacturer. We are a technology-focused organization located in New district of Wuxi, very close to Shuofang airport. We believe in providing quality asphalt and bitumen products to road construction companies. To maintain quality, we have developed a management system which caters all the functions from industrial structure to production engineering.

HENGDA road construction machinery limited has a covered area of 50,000sqm. We have a dedicated human resource comprising of 300 staff, including 30 technicians. We are a reliable bitumen storage silo supplier through different patents and certifications. We are a certified GB/T19001 international quality system and ISO14001:2004 environment management system. We have three patented products related to three batch asphalt plant, namely vibrating screen, dry drum and mix bin. We also have permission to manufacture lift conveyor belt and for storage silo.

Bitumen is a viscous liquid comprising a majority of hydrocarbons. Bitumen possesses adhesive and waterproofing attributes. Bitumen has five typical properties. The characteristics are bitumen hardens, bitumen ages; it is viscoelastic; it is elastic; it adheres and contains features of plastic.

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Due to adhesive properties, bitumen binds all the components without bringing any positive or negative changes. Bitumen is capable of being sticky with a solid surface in a fluid form, depending on the surface’s nature. Bitumen is water-insoluble. However, bitumen can serve as an effective and efficient sealant.

For the measurement of bitumen’s hardness, the penetration test is conducted. Result of bitumen test is reasonable up to 100 or above for waterproofing bitumen. The penetration grades of 40 and above are used, the majority in road construction and sometimes in industrial applications. The classes less than 40 are exclusive for industrial applications.

Bitumen’s flow or viscous characteristics are of critical importance. The flow properties vary up to a considerable extent, with stress conditions and temperature. Further, hardening takes place when deterioration of bitumen starts. HENGDA road construction machinery limited is fully committed to delivering durable plants concerning road construction. So, if you are looking for a quality bitumen storage silo in china, HENGDA is the safest bet.


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Adopts microcomputer control system to control and manage for each model of silos, the oil storage technics are displayed on LDC of microcomputer, it dynamically displays technic threads during running mode, the bitumen temperature and level in silos will display on microcomputer LDC, and will auto remember all parameters in fix time.