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October 3, 2019
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Extremely cold temperature does not need to be the only reason to affect your asphalt surface negatively. Surprised? Yes. It is the cycle of freeze-thaw that happens continually all along with winter. When snow and ice start to melt, it produces pooling water on asphalt surfaces that can compromise the surface’s integrity. On top of that, when water expands, it freezes. Expansion of water in small potholes with the presence of cracks can enhance pressure while creation of cracks can severely damage your asphalt surface. The involvement of hot mix asphalt is crucial in chilly climates because it is engineered to sustain thawing and freezing cycles. Therefore, investment in machinery from asphalt plant mixture supplier requires tactfulness.

So, here are helpful tips to follow to protect asphalt for winter weather:

1 – Fill Cracks in your Sealcoat and Asphalt

Ask yourself following questions to ensure if your asphalt mixture requires a fresh seal coat:

i – Does your driveway or parking lot have cracks of 1/8 inches or large

ii –  Has it been more than four years since your pavement has gone through seal coating

Iii – Does your pavement gives dry or a patchy look?

Iv – Does your pavement contains a gravelly surface?

V – Is your pavement starting to pit?

If the asphalt surface requires pre-winter TLC, but you get too late to seal coat, try doing some crack filling for preventing further damage to your surface during winter. Remember, proper seal coating demands a nightly temperature of 50 degrees at least. So, it needs to be completed before it gets too chilly. During pre-snowfall, cold mix asphalt is the right solution that doesn’t require heating.

2 – Clear your Debris’ Pavement before Snow Arrives

To make sure that the road is in proper shape once entire snow melts, it is crucial to set it up for a significant start. This means a rigorous cleaning of your asphalt driveway or parking lot. Consider cleaning your asphalt by hiring a professional agency for two critical reasons.

The first reason is to identify any issues such as potholes or cracks that should be repaired instantly. The second reason is to make sure that large chunks of debris do not damage or freeze your asphalt surface over the course of cold, long winter. Large debris can cause damage to asphalt surfaces. So, advance cleaning will keep the asphalt look beautiful in spring.

asphalt plant mixture

3 – Repair Potholes

Potholes repairing is a tricky process as cold weather resists a lot. Therefore, it is essential to repair potholes during winter for the prevention of further damage.

Wrap Up

From driveways to highways, you need a piece of dependable machinery from Asphalt Plant Supplier in China for your specific paving needs.

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