1. Will provide a set of technical files, layout plan,products using technical data,for related products to the buyer within 1 month from the effective date of orders,and onsite assistance of foundation plan from technician people is available after negotiated.

2. Sending project engineers and technicians who will be responsible for the erection and commissioning of the full set of equipment, Training the buyer's operating, maintenance and repair personnels, and our people will leave after the buyer's personnels get trained and can do jobs independently.

3.The warranty period of the product quality is 1 year, in warranty period, if the equipment get troubles and problems, our technician people will be at buyer's site within 36 hours to solve the problems free of charge. (For buyer's outside China,it will plus transportation and visa application time, and afford transportation/accommodation fees outside China). After 1 year warranty period, products shares whole-life chargable services at lowest costs, no engineering service fees.


1. After effective date of contract, buyers should be responsible for the preparation works of the construction before the arrival of equipments, electricity,waters and smooth roads should be in ready conditions, ground should be in plain and compact conditions. Huge hoist equipment and relevant large installation tools should be in ready conditions according to the project requirements. Bur’s personnels for operation and maintenance should be onsite and cooperate with the engineering peoples from ourside,to ensure the smoothing forward steps of the erection and commissioning and people training.

2. To send specialized personnels who will be responsible for the check and acceptance of the installation and equipments qualities, and doing supervision job as well,to give the feedback to buyer about the qualities and improvements informations.

3. Heat conducting oil boiler should be declared to the local technical supervision bureau in advance, and installed under the governing of local boiler supervision bureau or other legal local officials, all the relevant fees will be borne by buyer.

4.According to the meteorological conditions of the onsite the equipment, lightning protection devices shall be ordered from the local meteorological department under consultation.

5.Buyer should be responsible for the transportation including pickup and drop-off and accommodations outside China.

6.The main cables from transformer to operation room shall be provided by the buyer.