A Short History of Luxury Car brands


The Company of BMW came into being in 1916.At first it was only a motorcycle engine production company. But after some successful years of business it became auto mobile Manufacturer Company in 1928 and the first car of BMW was BMW 3/15. In the 1930s BMW launched its sports cars series and it became one of the successful automobile companies. The price of BMW cars ranges from 35000$ to 3 million dollars .BMW maintenance cost is higher than Mercedes Benz and that of Toyota. After China and Germany the region which buys most BMW cars is UAE. People in Asia will find cheapest BMW   parts in Dubai and China e.g. BMW generator, BMW starter, BMW water Pump  etc


The Mercedes-Benz was founded by Daimler AG in 1926. It is basically a German company but now it is expanded worldwide. From 1901 to 1930 Mercedes sold 770 models. This car also gained popularity because it was used by Adolf Hitler in the period of his power. The price of Mercedes-Benz cars is ranging from $33,495 to 8 million dollars. The countries which buy most Mercedes are Germany, China and UAE. The major Mercedes spare parts market is in China, Japan, UAE and Germany.


The founding father of Porsche brand  is Ferdinand Porsche who founded this company in 1931.In its early years it was only  a motorbike development company .The first Car Model of the Porsche was Volkswagen which is one of the successful  model of the 19th century. The price of Porsche is ranging from 50000$ to 14.8 million dollars.


This brand was founded by Henry ford in 1903. It is one of the oldest brands of America. Still now it is controlled by ford family. Ford introduced its T model which was sold nearly for 20 years and it is one of the most successful and profitable model of automobile industry. Ford was the first company in the automobile history which introduced the concept of automobile manufacturing on large scale with enormous man force. China, Japan and Germany are the companies which mostly buy fords.


It is a German brand which was founded by a  group of German engineers in 1965. Audi introduced its first model “Audi F103” which was one of the most popular model of that time and its series is still  in production. The price range of Audi starts from 37500$ to 19 Million. Global market shows that China buys record Audis in 2020.