How can a prayer mat be cleaned?

How can a prayer mat be cleaned?

The things you will require to clean a prayer mat are as follows.

  1. Remover of stains
  2. Water that should be cold
  3. Soap that is mild

Now, let us tell you how you can clean a prayer mat.

  1. First of all, there are some instructions related to washing given for the prayer mat, make sure that you read them. When you the read the instructions, you will know whether the particular prayer mat can be cleaned with hand or not.
  2. If there are few stains on the prayer mat, you can put the remover of stains for a short period of time. On the other hand, if there are stains that are tough, you can put the remover of stains for the entire night.
  3. Pour water in a tub along with the soap that is mild. Immerse the prayer mat in the tub. Swish the prayer mat gently in the water to ensure that the prayer mat is fully soaked into the water. Leave the prayer mat for soaking for at the minimum thirty minutes to some hours.
  4. Now, take out the prayer mat from the water that is soapy and wash it in cold water. After doing so, roll the prayer mat so you can squeeze the additional water. Make sure that you do not twist the prayer mat as it might cause damage to the stuff. Redo the process of rolling a few times.
  5. Lay the prayer mat so it can dry. You can also hang the prayer mat where you hang your washed clothes or you could hang it over a seat. Don’t let the prayer mat come in direct contact with the sunlight as it can fade the stuff.

Do not wash the prayer mat in the water that is hot as it can shrink the prayer mat. You can even clean your prayer mat in a washing machine if you find it easier.

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