Questions to ask from safety professionals

three male architects and a female architect discussing a blueprint

Hiring a safety professional is a tough task because you need to think about several things and also you need to be specific in your goals that what you want from those certified safety professional in Dubai. If you are not clear about your task then you cannot get the bets services for the fact that you need to tell them clearly about your safety goals and then they can work for you to achieve those goals. You need to ask a few questions from them before you hire and these are questions over here to ask:

How they write a report? You need to ask about it but before that you need to do some research and see how other people are providing reports, what the correct way of reporting is and what the format to report is. When you know about it already then you will be able to ask this question confidently and if they are not professional and give you wrong answer then you will know about it and then there is no need to hire them for wasting time and money. This is very important question because when the report is in the standard format then it will be easier for anyone to read and understand that.

How to become a safety manager? You need to ask this question from their manager and see what they tell you in the answer. Some of them will get insecure that may be you want to replace their position but you need to hire the one who provide you good and satisfactory answer. You will not get their position and they should know about it and give you detailed answer that how they become a safety manager, what are their qualifications and what experience is needed for getting to this position.

How to assess a risk? You need to check their knowledge about it and see what they replied to you. There are several ways to assess the risk and it also depends on the type of risk so you need to ask about a specific type of risk relevant to your industry and then analyze their answer. You will get to know about their ability by the way of their talking and the confidence they show through their body language. You need to ask these questions politely.