The Little Early Risers – Getting Admitted At School

There are more than enough pre-schools in every country. However, the parents of child with extra ordinary aptitude for learning are always looking for schools that can ensure a great future for their children. Some of the best schools in Qatar are also selective about admitting the students with high qualification and promise to their prestigious schools. Learning should be fun and it should provide the children the opportunity to open their way of thinking and allow them to become active learners. Parents often need to prepare for the school interview board to allow their children to get admission at prestigious school destinations. For the first time parents who are not very familiar with the working ways of the school this interview can cause a lot of stir and stress in daily routines.

Preparing for the School Interview

The reason why most parents are hesitant to attend the interview call for their children’s admission is because of the language barrier. The British schools in Qatar have staff members who are well-versed in English language and have a complete curriculum in that language. This alienation is enough to through off many parents from the right track. However, with a little coaching and preparation in advance there is nothing that can stop the parents from passing the tough sounding interview:

  1. Have confidence in yourself. The admission committee assumes that children learn from their parents and inherit their behavior.
  2. Take a few English classes and learn basic sentences to get through the interview.
  3. Notice all the strong points of your child before attending the interview to make a strong case.
  4. Ask to get interviewed in your native language. English is just another language it has nothing to do with IQ or qualification.
  5. Ask about what the school could offer to make sure that your child is comfortable there.
  6. Try to maintain an equal level before the admissions committee members, the desperate parents may end up paying more fees and getting their child’s future in jeopardy.
  7. Meet other parents who have children already studying at the institution and ask them about the progress and development effect of school on their children.
  8. Ask to visit the tuition area and classes yourself, it is better to visit unannounced than getting a setup visit experience.