Types of Popcorn Makers

Popcorns is the first love of all of us. We prefer to stand in long queues to get popcorns from machines that people bought from cotton candy machine for rent over going in cinema empty-handed. However, there are different kinds of popcorn makers. Each maker has some unique and special quality. Some of them give you vending machine-like flavour while some give you fresh popcorns fast. Scroll down to read some of the types of popcorn makers!

Stovetop Popcorn makers: They are the best popcorn makers in the world. For stovetop popcorns, all you have to do is to get specialized popcorn maker pot. The pot is stainless and makes popcorn at the optimum temperature. You have to keep the flame low to give enough heat to kernels to make steam and popup. A person can add flavours of his or her choice with butter after a few minutes of putting kernels in the pot. People say that a stovetop popcorn maker gives the same taste as the popcorn machine outside the theatre and out school or college. 

Commercial Popcorn makers: That’s what popcorn machine rentals in Dubai use to sell popcorn outside theatres and workplace. They are ideal to use if you have to prepare popcorns for events and gatherings as they prepare on time but they occupy a lot of space. A person needs kernels, salt and oil to pop kernels in commercial popcorn makers. The machine has a metal handle which you have to put on the maker when you put kernels in it. Turn the pot on to give enough heat to turn water into steam. The maker is durable and guaranteed to make perfect popcorns for you.

Microwave Popcorn Makers: They are the commonest popcorn makers that we use in day-to-day life. These kernels come in different packaging that we have to put in the microwave and heat them for two to three minutes in which the kernels pop till the top of the packing. The lid of the package has silicon that measures how much the kernels and secondly they melt butter. That’s why you can add some butter on it if you want buttery popcorns. Although many of them do not give theatre popcorn-like flavour, you can get fresh popcorns fast within two to three minutes. However, it is important to open the pack safely after microwaving it.