Causes of Joint Pains

According to the best orthopedic surgeon in Dubai, the human body is not the most perfect structure on earth. Some religious scholars will find this phrase offensive but there are some scientific facts to it as well. You can see the example for yourself as well, we saw a video on the internet where a car was travelling with the speed of 80 kilometers per hour and it hit a dog that suddenly crossed their way. As we all know that dash cams never lie, the people in the car rushed out to help the dog and they found that the dog was perfectly fine.

And when the best pediatrician in Dubai saw this video, she said that if it was a human, it would have never survived. And we also know for the fact that a person would have almost all the bones broken. Even though, human bones are said to be strongest amongst many living things but due to its delicate structure, the body becomes less perfect. Speaking of bones, 206 bones mean that your body can have 206 issues or more. A single bone can have more than one issue and that is why many people across the world have joint issues. And below, you will see common causes of joint pains.

  1. The first issue can be due to OA which is also known as osteoarthritis. This is the kind of issue that occurs due to old age or due to any small or big injury. In this condition, the cartilage of bones wear down and the joints join. Joints are supposed to be separated with cartilage. This usually happens in hips, knees, spine and feet. A person would feel tired and always in pain due to this condition.
  2. The second reason is due to RA which is also known as rheumatoid arthritis. This can happen at any age. The sad part is that some children are born with it as well. this condition causes swelling of joints, causes pain and stiffness as well. It happens in hands, feet, and knees.

Another reason is gout arthritis. This condition causes a lot of pain, you can say that a weight of a bed sheet may cause you a lot of pain. It can affect more than one joint.