Company upholds the principle and purpose of "high quality products, reasonable prices, considerate service", make commitments to the users solemnly:

1. The bidding equipment provided by our company is a brand-new and market-admitted model, which is manufactured by manufacturing technical process. The equipment fully meets the requirements of quality, specifications and performance stipulated in the tender documents and the supply contract. Our company guarantees that our equipments has satisfactory performance in the service life under the condition of normal use and maintenance, and is responsible for the faults caused by the defects of the design process or materials during the equipments warranty period after signing the acceptance of the equipment.

2.Our company promises that if the quality of the tendered products is not up to the standard due to our company's reasons, our company will guarantee unconditional repairs to the qualified products. (free replacement for product defects itself.)

3.Our company guarantees that the bidding equipment can meet the user's requirements during its service life under the conditions of correct installation, normal use and maintenance, and provides the user with lifelong maintenance service of the equipment.

4.Our company promises to provide the quality warranty period for the bidding equipment: 12 months for the whole machine quality assurance period, on the premise that the user ensures the operation and maintenance in full accordance with the instructions and maintenance rules. 5.Within warranty period, our company will quickly feedback to the after-sales service department, maintenance center or local office of the customer within 2 hours after receiving the user's notification, notify the dispatcher to rush to the user's production site within 36 hours, and repair or replace the defective equipment or components free of charge within 48 hours.(For buyer's outside China,it will plus transportation and visa application time, and afford transportation/accommodation fees outside China).