Visit Burj Al Khalifa in a private car

There is no doubt that Dubai is the most well-known and popular city in the whole world, but did you ever wonder why Dubai is so popular, as once it was a barren desert but now look at it. Dubai is the most in vogue place for tourism. The reason behind Dubai’s popularity is Burj Al Khalifa which is the tallest building in the world. Dubai is the leading place for tourist’s and it is now in the 10 most visited cities in the world. If you are a tourist having a plan of staying for a month then you can hire a driver in Dubai monthly. This is because it is affordable and convenient for the tourists. To know about tallest building of the world, read the full info here:

Why was the tallest building in the world named as Burj Al Khalifa?

The first name of the tallest building on earth was Dubai tower which was chosen some moments before its construction. Afterwards its name was changed to Burj Al Khalifa which was named after the ruler and president of United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Burj means tower or building while Khalifa was the name of the king of the United Arab Emirates.

Location and height of Burj Al Khalifa

Burj Al Khalifa is termed as the tallest building in the world with a height of 830 meters having 163 floors in total. It is located in Burj Park, Dubai.

View of Dubai from Burj Khalifa

When you are on the topmost floors of Burj Al Khalifa it can provide you with a bird’s eye view. Burj Al Khalifa will give a 360 view of Dubai and across the skyscrapers.

World records of Burj Al Khalifa

Although Burj Al Khalifa holds the world record for the world’s tallest building and skyscrapers but there are many other world records of Burj Al Khalifa which you should know about. You can only see the top of the building from 95 kilometers away from the top. Burj Al Khalifa has different records which are enlisted below:

  • It is world’s tallest freestanding structure
  • Tallest elevator service in the world
  • Highest swimming pool in the world
  • It has the world’s longest elevator distance covered
  • Burj Al Khalifa has the greatest number of stories in the world
  • It also has the world’s biggest LED screen